Paya Lebar Square: Food Options Galore

Paya Lebar Square is a new area that is located near the Paya Lebar Interchange. This area has a U-shaped tower and a 3-storey retail outlet. The retail portion of the mall has many shops including shopping outlets, supermarkets and food and beverage shops. Paya Lebar Square has a plethora of cafes and restaurants located in the premises along with an array of kiosks and stalls which are famous for takeaways. We have selected a few best stalls located in and around Paya Lebar Square and listed them below.

Mr Youtiao

Mr Youtiao is a small café that sells Youtiao also known as fried dough fritters. Along with these fritters, the café also sells curry noodles, Assam Noodles and Tapioca cake

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu

If you wish to taste the best Japanese cuisine in Paya Lebar Square, then Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu is the best place. This place serves an array of dishes that are suitable for casual dining. Located at the Paya Lebar Square, Ramen Keisuke can be easily accessed from the Paya Lebar MRT Station.

Jollibee Paya Lebar Square

Biggest fast food chain in Philippines, Jolibee is also located at Paya Lebar Square. The best dish served here is Chickenjoy which is fried chicken along with other side dishes, spaghetti, minced chicken rice and burgers.

Supper Club

Located opposite Paya Lebar MRT Station, 89.7 Supper Club has different stalls like Nasi Padang, Fish Porridge, Bolognese Spaghetti, Sambal styled Dishes and Yong Tau Hu. These stalls are decorated like they would be in a food court. People can go up there and eat whatever they wish to.

Guan Guan Kopitiam

Paya Lebar MRT Station is a traditional coffee shop located along Geylang East Avenue 3. It is an old-style coffee shop that has kiosks and stalls serving a diverse selection of food like lotus root soup and fish head curry.


If you wish to try some succulent and juicy fried chicken, then Arnold’s is a place worth trying. This battered fried crispy chicken is extremely crispy and succulent. When you are in Paya Lebar Square, you must try the Spring Chicken Meal for 2 at Arnold’s which comes with fries and coleslaw.

5 Little Bears

This is a cute little café sells Taiwanese food and other Taiwanese snacks and dishes like Oyster Vermicelli and Braised Pork Belly Rice. You can also try desserts like Eight Treasures Ice which has distinctively flavoured jelly including Sweet Potato, Coconut Jelly, Pearl Jelly, Green Bean, Corn, Yam and Red Bean,

Xuan Miao Vegan @ Cantine

This is another famous dish which is situated at the basement of Paya Lebar Square. The typical handmade has now got a vegetarian and vegan twist!The U Mian dry and soup are must try dishes of this restaurant. The portions of the soups are quite large, and it is filled in the bowl to the top and is served with accompaniments such as Chinese spinach and mock meat.

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